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What is myNHH?

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Latest Press Releases

  1. Value for Money Self Assessment 2013-14

    This report outlines our actions and achievements across our value for money priorities in 2013-14, following the successful completion of the actions set out in our 2012-13 report.

  2. Local tenant thanked for service

    Kimpton resident, Heather McKinlay retires as Tenant Board Member after almost ten years service.

  3. Calling all hounds to the Heath!

    Nicola is bringing  our successful doggie day to Royston Heath on Saturday 26 July

  4. Kids keep on boxing

    Continued funding for Box Cleva in Letchworth Garden City

  5. Da Vinci school films social housing tenants in action

    Watch our Involved Tenants in a film produced by the Da Vinci School of Creative Enterprise!