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What is myNHH?

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Find a home with Home4U


Apply for housing and see which properties are available in the North Hertfordshire area with Home4U


If you want to apply for housing in North Hertfordshire you must register and complete a housing application form through Home4U.

Empty properties are then advertised every week on the Home4u website, or we can give you a free sheet with the details if you find that easier.

When you see a property that meets your needs you can then express an interest or ‘bid’ for the property through our Choice Based Lettings process.

You can read the Home4U User Guide for more details of how it works and what to do.


What if I want to live outside the North Hertfordshire district?

If you are looking for housing in other local authority areas you should speak to the local Council's housing department.

They will have details of how to apply for council or housing association properties in the area.