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What is myNHH?

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Register for myNHH

Please enter your details below, then click Continue

Before you start - read our step-by-step guide...

myNHH logoRegistration is easy and will only take a few minutes. Please take a moment to read our simple guide to help you through the process...

Step 1)  To get started you will need to enter the following information into the boxes above:

  • Your date of birth - This must be written in the format dd/mm/yyyy including the / between the numbers
  • Your tenancy number - This can be found on your rent statement which is sent 4 times a year with your copy of Housing Matters magazine. Please do not use the number on your rent payment card as this is a different reference. If you have more than one account (e.g. a property and a garage) you only need to register with one number to be able to view all your accounts. 

Please note: You can only register for myNHH if you are named as the main tenancy holder, are a joint tenancy holder or Shared Owner.

Step 2)  Click "Continue". You will then need to:

  • enter a valid email address - This must be your own personal email account as you will need to access your emails to confirm your registration. We will also store this email address in our system so we can contact you about your myNHH account if required. Make sure you type it carefully and check it is correct before continuing.
  • create your memorable password - this must include at least one capital letter and a number. You are responsible for remembering your password and keeping it a secret. For security reasons we do not have access to your password so if you forget it you will need to reset it using the link under the Log In button.

Step 3)  Click "Register", then go and check your email account:

  • You will have been sent two emails - one welcoming you to myNHH, the second asking you to confirm your registration. This is sent for security reasons to ensure you are the owner of the email address.
  • Click the link in the confirmation email - you will be directed back to the North Hertfordshire Homes website homepage and a message will display saying your email address has been confirmed.

Step 4)  Congratulations! You can now "log in" to myNHH at any time using your email address and password in the boxes in the top right of the website.

This step-by-step guide will stay on the page throughout the process to help you, but if you do have any problems with your registration please call 01462 474730 or email mynhh@nhh.org.uk