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What is myNHH?

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Swap your home

You can apply to swap your home with another tenant of ours or another tenant in social housing (housed by a council or housing association). This can be a great way of finding a more suitable home.

Things you need to know

Read our  What you need to know before swapping your home.pdf [pdf] 117KB

This explains what you should check and be aware of before you apply and also why we might not approve a home swap application.

If you move without our written permission you risk becoming homeless.

Step 1. Register on HomeSwapper

Register on the www.homeswapper.co.uk website.

Step 2 Complete an application form

When you find someone to swap with you and they will both need to complete our Mutual exchange application form.docx [docx] 23KB

Once we receive completed application forms from everyone involved in the exchange we have 42 calendar days to let you know if we approve the application or not. During this time several things will happen.

Step 3. Inspections of your home

We need to be sure that your property is safe and suitable for the new tenants. These inspections can include a gas safety check, an electrical check and a general inspection of your home.

Before approval is given you may be required to carry out some work in your home.

Step 4. Approval

If everything is satisfactory you'll receive written approval from us to go ahead with your exchange and you can arrange a moving date with us and your exchange partner.

At this point all parties will need to sign a legal document known as a Deed of Assignment. Once this is complete you can move.

Common reasons why approval is declined

  • The property is too large (by more than one spare bedroom) or too small for the new tenants
  • Your home has been adapted to your needs (for example a wet room has been fitted for you) or the person you are swapping with needs some special features immediately

More is explained in our document What you need to know before swapping your home.pdf [pdf] 117KB